Monday, January 19, 2015

Tengo nuevo compañero, y también tenemos algo triste

So I got a new companion this week. His name is elder Baird from Utah. He has been out 7 months; super cool kid. We seem to be getting along just fine as well. He is senior companion, but it is kind of weird because I am the one who knows the area, so I kind of do the senior comp stuff. But I am really sad to see Elder Wright leave; He is now in Indianapolis.

We got some really cool news this week. The Indianapolis temple is going to be dedicated August 23 2015! This is going to be a huge blessing to the people here in Indiana and to the work. I am so excited to be able to be here during this great time!

This week we weren’t able to teach any lessons, don’t know why. But we did get to come into contact again with Isaac. We gave him an English Book of Mormon so he can read it in both languages, and he was more open to us and told us to come back this week so we could discuss more. SO that’s cool.

But this week we lost Luis as an investigator. He had changed the part of the factory he was working in and was super sore. His uncle wanted him to go to church (don’t know which church) with him but he did want to go but his uncle convinced him to go. He said he really liked it. He also said that it was really easy to learn from him because his Spanish was a lot better that ours (OUCH) and that he finally learned where Satan came from (our next lesson was the plan of salvation dang it!) also the preacher said a prayer over Luis and as soon as it was over the soreness left his body and he felt tons better. So he told us muchas gracias for everything we had done for him, but he was going to study with this preacher now. I am super sad at this happening, and I hope one day he can be taught by the missionaries. I know he felt the spirit so hopefully that will work within him and soften his heart.

This week is going to be a big week of tracting. Trying to find new investigators. I know God places people in our paths to where they and we need to be. So we are going to be doing what we need to do to be in the right spot for the right people.

Love you guys!

Elder Porter

End of the Seymour posse -super sad!

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