Monday, July 11, 2016

Nuestro testimonio es lo que cambia los corazones

It has not been long since I emailed y'all last time, but de todos modos this week has been good :) 

So on Saturday I had the opportunity to baptize Emily, the daughter of a returning less active. It was a really special experience because a year ago when Elder Wolverton and I were here, we started teaching them and trying to get them active. Then when I came back the second time to the branch, they were coming to church :) So it was a neat experience to see the progress that they have made.

So Griselda and America no longer want to talk to us. For some reason Griselda doesn’t think we should use object lessons to teach lessons, because, "That is not how Jesus taught". Sooooooo obviously she doesn’t know how Jesus taught lessons. So we are going to give them a good month or so, and then try back.

So Sunday was a very interesting day. There was lots of drama, YW being slapped in the face during Sunday school, the piano not working so the music was awful. And none of our investigators came to church :(

So we stopped by Wendy and Audel after church to see why they didn’t come and it was because Wendy's mom had fell and hurt her shoulder and was in the hospital. But then late last night we get a call from Wendy, and she starts crying saying that she was at Riley's Children’s Hospital with her son Bryan. He had gotten hit by a car and they were doing tests to see if his head was ok. So we like freaked out and called the Branch President and he went and visited them. Bryan is ok, he has a concussion, bruises, and they are keeping him in the hospital for a few days to make sure everything is ok. So if you would all keep them in your prayers :) 

We were also able to go to a meeting called Why I Believe yesterday and hear the sweet testimonies of recent converts. I love that meeting because the speakers are all so genuine in their testimonies :)

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