Monday, June 6, 2016

Me quedo en esta area y con el Elder Thayne

So for my last transfer I will be staying here in Indianapolis with Elder Thayne! This means I will have spent 6 transfers in this area alone, and 9 transfers in this branch. Which is over half of my mission! 

This week was good, as always. I don’t think there has been more than like one or two bad weeks on my mission :) So that’s awesome :) 

So sadly, that awesome miracle that we had with America doesn’t seem to be progressing. She doesn’t seem to have as much desire as we had hoped. We got everything set up for her to come to church, and the members showed up and she didn’t answer her phone or the door. And she isn’t answering us either. :(

We had a crazy lesson with Jesus and Estefani this week. So the member fell through, so it was just us. And their kids went CRAZY!! So half way through the lesson Elder Thayne had to go and step outside (don’t worry I could still see and hear him) and appease the three boys by throwing rocks and stuff. SO that left me with Jesus and Estefani. They were going through a hard time and so we were helping them understand the atonement and how Christ can help us. But then I was left to do it all on my own while Elder Thayne kept the kids occupied. Man that was scary! I never realized how much I rely on a companion. But the spirit sure helped and they were definitely touched. Estefani came to church again this week! :) We need to work harder on Jesus because he didn’t come again -___-

Friday was a great MLC and we got to learn a lot about faith and how to help investigators come to church. This was President Cleveland’s last MLC and it was interesting to see how emotional he got when he talked about how much he has loved his mission.

Saturday was stake conference, and it was super great! Talked about being joyful and living the gospel :) On the way up we stopped by Rosas mom’s house because we had heard that she was going to be there with her BF, so we got there and his car was there. We were so pumped to find her again! So her mom answered the door, and she lied to our face and told us that Rosa wasn’t there! Man I was so mad! But we will find her when we need to find her again. 

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