Monday, June 20, 2016

Encontre lo que debo hacer con mi vida, voy a ser parte de BLUE MAN GROUP!

So this week was pretty cool. To top off the week we got to help with The Color Run, and I turned into an official member of the Blue Man Group! It was pretty sweet! :) 

So this week we were able to have some pretty good lessons with America, and her mom joined us, and we were able to put them on date for the 23 of July! We think her mom might progress more than America will, but its super exciting! Her mom even switched her work schedule to come to an hour of church :) it was great :)

Things with Estefani and Jesus are kind of slowing down, they are having some problems.  So we are going to have them talk to the branch president and get this all worked out. I mean you have lived together for a long time and have 3 kids together, so might as well do it. 

We were able to have a few good days tracting, and found some cool people :) we were able to find hidden areas where there are Hispanics that don’t usually get knocked :) 

There was this huge rain storm this week, and one of our members got flooded, like seriously flooded! like 2 feet of water in the basement. So we got to help with that. which was fun for us :)

Tanner and this other guy named Kyle came out with us yesterday and did splits. Man it was great! I went with Tanner, and man is he bold. Sometimes I think I’m too timid, it was interesting to see how boldness with the spirit really works!

This week was a good week, but nothing super "magical happened." But we were able to do some good work. We are trying to grow our teaching pool, and get all those people who aren’t progressing to progress. 

Volunteering at The Color Run

Maybe I should be part of the BLUE MAN GROUP!

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