Tuesday, May 31, 2016

La meta no es el bautismo, sino la exaltacion

This week was very good and uplifting :) We had the chance to go on many exchanges again, and that always is fun :)

We have had some awesome lessons with Estefani and Jesus. We brought some members that live close by, and they connected very well! After one of the lessons, we had to go, to be back home on time, but the members stayed after to continue answering the questions that they had. We were able to teach Estefani about the Book of Mormon, and the member, Brother Stout, shared how he came to know that the BOM was true, then after the testimony, Estefani wanted so bad to read it! She also came to church on Sunday! Jesus stayed home with the kids (those kids are nuts!) so we will be working with him to get him and all of the kids to come to church next week :) 

On exchanges with Elder G. Wright, we were able to get his two solid investigators back on date for June 18th! We were able to talk to one of them about getting married and the blessings that it would bring her. We also talked about her quitting smoking, she was talking about how it would be hard. So I was like, "Do you want me to help you never ever to want to smoke again?" She said sure. So I went off an idea that another missionary had told me he did once. So I asked her for the remaining pack of cigarettes that she had. Then I asked her to boil a pot of water. We then disassembled all the remaining cigarettes and dumped the tobacco in the water, let it boil for about 5 minutes. Then voila! You have cigarette tea. We even put ice in it to make it iced tea ;) Then we had each of them take a sip of the stuff. Gosh, I should’ve recorded their faces! I was then told how it was some of the nastiest stuff they had ever tasted! Then we put it in bottles so they could always remember what they were consuming :) 

We have also been able to meet with America, she is progressing, but really slow. We have been told of a lot of things that have happened in her life that still haunt her. So we are making a big deal of Christ’s atonement and the power of repentance. 
At the temple with some recent converts.

Honorary picture since the Indy 500 was Sunday

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