Monday, February 8, 2016

Wow, una gran semana!

This week was super awesome! 

So two weeks ago we knocked into this lady (Jessica) who said her husband met with the missionaries before, so we set up a return appointment for Sunday and it went well. Fransisco told us that he was found first in Arizona, then he moved to Indiana and was taught by an Elder Mancilla. Then he went to Texas and was found again. Then he came back to Indiana and tried to get the English missionaries to refer him to Spanish, but it didn’t happen. He opened up the lesson with a prayer saying to God, "Let this be the final time that I go through this process with the missionaries." Then on Wednesday we went back with the branch mission leader and met with Jessica and Fransisco again. It was a great lesson on the Book of Mormon and they committed to read 3 Nephi 11. Then as we were leaving we mentioned the baptism that was going to happen on Saturday and Fransisco said, "Hey we will go to that!" So they showed up 15 minutes early, and waited for an hour for it to start because it was delayed and lots of stress. But they loved it and said they were imagining themselves in the people’s place. Then we gave them a church tour after and told them to pray about when God wanted them to be baptized.
Then Sunday they were the first ones to church. He told us that they were going to start "utilizing the Book of Mormon." And she told us that she loved it! He again told the men in priesthood that he hoped this time was the last time and that he could stay.  So ya we have had some cool miracles!

It’s been a great week! 

Love ya all!

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