Monday, February 22, 2016

Woah, las cosas van super bien!

So this week has been super awesome! We have a total of 5 people on date, and we had another 5 investigators at church. And on top of that we had a few hard hearted less actives at church as well! It was a very fulfilling day yesterday!

Jesica and Fransisco and their kids are going well! We taught them the plan of salvation and took a member we don’t usually take, however, the member is a fireball! Even though he didn’t serve a mission, it seemed like he did! 

A miracle we had was after English class one of the students that has been coming for a while asked us, "Can I have a Book of Mormon?" I was like, "SURE, but where did you hear about the BOM?" and she was like "I’m a member, I just don’t go." So we found a less active through English class! 

On Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Blood to my old area, and it was great because we visited Wendy, and she then came to church with her husband, and her sister! 

A miracle we had yesterday was we were looking for a less active, but we didn’t have the specific apartment number. So I was just looking at the mailboxes looking for her name. There was a lady outside and I asked her if she knew the lady. She said her apartment was 105. I was like cool, how do you know her? She goes, "I’m her!" So we found her miraculously because she was the only one outside!

So I took pictures this week, but they somehow got deleted. Sorry

Elder Porter

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