Monday, February 1, 2016

Una semana de menos activos

 (This is last week's letter - January 25th - the server was down and no emails went through)

So, transfer news, I will be staying in this area, and I will have a new comp, ok not really, a comp that I have had and will be having again, ELDER BAIRD!!!! So excited! And what’s funny is it was in January of last year that we were put together. But I’m also sad that Elder Shepherd is leaving. He is so great.  

This week has been really good. We have worked a TON with less actives this week. We had 11 less active/recent convert lessons.

We are preparing a recent convert, Catalina, and a returning less active, Maria to go to the temple this Saturday to do baptisms for the dead.

So we had a super cool miracle with this one less active. There were just too many coincidences to not be a miracle. We had all of our plans fall through, so we were stopping by this one less active. An older white lady answered the door. So we just asked anyways if Hno  Ramirez lived there. She said yes. So come to find out he hasn’t been visited in like 4 years. He usually works nights, and he just happened to have that time off that day.  He is an ex missionary and a high priest. He is also an ex bishop. So we talked to him. I just immediately felt a love for him and wanted to help him so bad! So we set up a return appointment and the Branch President and 1st Councilor came with us. We had such a powerful lesson and were able to testify to him of the love that God has for him. He was really touched. And another miracle is that from the time we met him to the return appointment, he had changed jobs and probably doesn’t have to work Sundays! So we are stoked for him and to help him come back to activity! 
I think my true passion in missionary work is for less actives. I just really feel a love for them and want to help them.  I also have gained such a strong testimony of the power of home and visiting teaching. If everyone did it, there would be no one like Victor who hasn’t had someone contact him from the church in 4 years. It is such a small thing, but it makes such a big difference. 

Yesterday we also gave the Portillo family, less actives, a church tour, and it went super well and they were able to feel the spirit. It was kind of scary because it was the first one I had ever done.

This week we had a super cool broadcast from Salt Lake with the general authorities and the missionary board. We were so uplifted and inspired. It was great! 

So lately I have been noticing that I do not notice that people use a certain word, until after I learn it. And then the use it all the time. And then let’s make this spiritual. That is why we need to read and study the scriptures every day, because there are things in our life that change and make us able to see or feel of a new point of doctrine that we hadn’t considered before. That is why it is important. 

Love you all! 

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