Monday, October 19, 2015

Ya hace frio :(

It’s starting to get cold here :( I don’t like the cold here in Indiana, too wet and no skiing. but its only one more winter here so that will be fine :)

So on Tuesday we went on exchanges, I was with elder Ebeling in Goshen. We did lots of tracting and stuff.  It was pretty fun. But the highlight was when we took a quick stop at a car dealership called "THE TOY BARN" which is this car dealership for exotic cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren) and they let us take pictures with the cars! Super sick!

On Wednesday we had a cool chance to help the cub scouts out with a project they were trying to do. They couldn’t figure out how to do one of their activities in the book, so we were walking by the room and they asked us to help them. It was super fun! 

This Saturday we had a super fun branch activity, we were celebrating "Hispanidad" which I don’t know how to translate, but something like "Hispanicness" or "Hispanicity" it was super fun and cool! Karina from English class came with her kids and loved it, and the members invited her kids to come to mutual, so they are going to go this Tuesday. Maria the (was) super solid lady with the glass eye came with her daughter, and a former named Jairo came. It was super fun! And then the members had a dance after the party, and watching all of them dance was super cool! When the "cha cha slide" came on though it was really hard for me not to go out and do it. :( 

So yesterday we were sitting in correlation meeting, and I realized that they had asked me to speak in sacrament, and I had totally spaced it! But God is merciful and he had been preparing me for a couple weeks with a whole bunch of verses that I had found in Alma. SO I gave a pretty good talk on the spot. But man was it scary! But the branch president liked it so that’s all that matters right? haha.

Love you all!

Elder Porter

Fun at the Car store

Me and a viper - sorry Britt!

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