Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Second Week in Indiana

 I bought an awesome king sized cheetah blanket when I got here. It is awesome. [see picture below]

This week has been hard; but still good in its own way.  I don’t have very many crazy cool stories because it hasn’t really been that exciting. 
The other day we didn’t do anything but walk around and knock on doors.  Didn’t teach any lessons or anything. That night when we were doing daily planning I realized that it wasn’t a bad day. And then I thought about it and I realized it had been awful numbers wise, but it still didn’t feel bad.  I realized that it was because we did what we were supposed to do. And so Heavenly Father didn’t let us feel like it was an awful day because we were doing what he has commanded us to do. And that was to get out there and work.

 I almost had to give a talk in church, and I was terrified because it was different than the CCM because the people are all native Spanish speakers. But then another Elder volunteered and I was super happy.

So to describe lots of the people living around me: Think of a redneck with no teeth. Yep. That’s the white people here. They are called HOOSIERS. And they think that is a compliment. They all have no teeth and work at the same factory as their great grandparents. They talk about dentures and how much denture glue you should use. It’s way different.

One thing I am grateful for is my bed. It is the nicest bed I have ever slept in in my entire life!  I lay down and I am out! It’s wonderful!

 I bought a blueberry muffin mix so I could have muffins for breakfast. And then I got home and realized that I didn’t have a muffin pan! It’s crazy that I literally own nothing. And yet I can survive. And that is a lot better than a lot of the people in the world! You don’t realize how much you have until you don’t have it. But you don’t realize how little you really need in your life until that’s all you have is the things that you need.  I had so much back home that I didn’t need that I thought I did. But turns out I really don’t. 
What surprises me is how expensive living is. I’m sorry mom that I ate so much! Geez food is expensive! Ha ha, well better learn this lesson now before I actually have a family to provide for! 

God really watches out for missionaries. We live in a pretty rough area and a couple nights ago Elder Thurston left the keys in the lock while we went to bed. We didn’t realize till noon the next day. We could have had someone literally just walk into our house and not have to break in, but no one did! A miracle!

Sad day. Weighed myself yesterday and I have gained 6lbs.  I don’t even know how!! Maybe it’s the fact that I have 4 hours of studying a day. But I can’t keep that up or ill be a fat man!

Had mission conference yesterday and it was super good!  I got questions answered that I didn’t even know I had. It is amazing what the spirit will teach you!

We have a couple of investigators, but they aren’t progressing very fast. It is hard to find Hispanic people to teach when you live in America. But I know they are out there and I pray to find them every day!

One cool experience I had was last Saturday. We had a dinner appointment with the Diaz family and they don’t speak much English.  I prayed super hard to be able to understand them.  I was able to go through most of the appointment and know the gist of what was going on.  I missed a couple jokes but when we left Hermana Diaz said that my Spanish was a lot better. Then on Sunday I had to bear my testimony because I was new and a member of the ward came up to me after and told me, in Spanish, that I don’t need to worry about my Spanish.  I know I do need to worry and keep improving, but it was nice to have people recognize that I am trying.

Love you all!
Elder Porter

Some answers to questions mom had:

We have two members in our area, so we get fed by them each once a week. But there is a less active English family down the street from us that invite us over every Thursday for dinner with the English zone leaders. So we have 3 appointments a week.

Cooking is hard because I don’t have all the ingredients, I mean ANY, stocked up, so I have been eating not very good lately and it is making me break out.

We live in a house. It’s pretty big for two people, but we sleep in the front room.  I feel safe, but it’s kind of a sketchy area.

We are the only Spanish Elders in South Bend, but in the whole Spanish branch area there are 3 companionships of Spanish Elders.

Elder Thurston / Elder Porter

Me and my cheetah blanket!

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