Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Been a good and a bad week. We had our best lessons this week and some of our worst lessons (besides when we were just starting)
The good lessons were because we listened to the spirit. Our investigator Jose was having a hard time because he didn’t know how the gospel could bless his life and we had used every word we knew in Spanish to try and convince him, which was the wrong way. But then when I was reading Preach My Gospel, I remembered something that one of my seminary teachers told us about how if we get closer to God by ourselves and our family members get closer to God, then we all get closer together and have stronger relationships. That was the clincher for him and he had the light that you hope to see in every investigators eyes. 

We also got new investigators and one of them is named Ryan. He’s a member but hasn’t been active in 3 years. We were trying to get to know him and the Spirit led us to say the right questions and get right to his main problem. We got there and even got him to say that he knew the church was true! So now it’s just getting him to come to church again!

The Holy Ghost can do a lot, but he can't help you with things you don’t know, and that’s why our last lesson yesterday was not so good. It was on the plan of salvation and that lesson requires a different vocab than all the other lessons. So it didn’t go so well because we could say the things Jose needed to hear because we didn’t have the previous knowledge that the Spirit could draw from. 
There is so much stuff I have learned already and it is so awesome! The Lord really does bring you down so he can build you up! But it sucks being at the bottom sometimes! I pray every day that the Lord will mold me to be the best missionary and the missionary he wants me to be!

It is so interesting to me that before my mission, sadly, I would be lucky to get a chapter or two in of the Book of Mormon, and that I would fall asleep reading it, but now I don’t have enough time to read it! The Book of Mormon is such a wonderful book and I love it! There are so many cool things that are taught but not taught in it that you have to figure out by being receptive to the Spirit! That is now my goal, to find the things that only the Spirit can teach me. 

Got my haircut this week. AWFUL. I have never felt the wind so strongly on me cabeza. I hate it, but hair grows.

A cool experience with prayer, the washing machines weren’t working and we needed to wash our laundry, so we said a prayer that the machines would work. And then they didn’t work when we tried them again, but then the repair-man came 2 minutes later! Not the answer we were expecting but it was an answer! Prayer is awesome!

One other cool experience this week was: I had to act like an investigator who was getting baptized on Sunday, but he went to a party and accidentally drank a lot. The missionaries had to figure out why I didn’t want to be baptized anymore. They started off asking normal questions and then they got to the ones inspired by the Spirit. It was so cool because I literally felt guilty and remorse for making the mistake. I think I felt that way because I said a prayer before asking God to allow me to be able to step into the shoes of this investigator and help the missionaries learn the lesson they needed to learn. It was awesome!

So sad that the Mexico City temple is closed for reconstruction, but we went to the visitors center and it was awesome! Christ is awesome and I am so grateful for him and la Expiación (atonement) that allows me to be clean again, because I have made my fair share of mistakes. But the feeling of being clean is amazing! 

Love you all!

Elder Porter

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At the Mexico Visitors Center

Mexico Temple

Me and Elder Madsen

I love graffiti! and the city is full of it!

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