Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last Day in the CCM!

So my p-day will now be Mondays, but we are allowed to write right now because I am leaving at 3:00 in the morning tomorrow, and will miss my p-day that will usually be tomorrow. But I am so excited to get out into the mission field and to help people better their lives and come unto the restored Gospel.

Some things I forgot from last weeks email:

#1   I had to give a talk in church. It was about the atonement. It was exactly 4 minutes. But something cool is two Hermanas said that when I gave my talk that it sounded like I was Mexican because my Spanish was so good. That was a comfort. And I know the gift of tongues is real!

Something scary I learned, after the first twelve weeks that I have with my trainer, I could be a trainer! AAAAAHHHHH I don’t know if I will be ready, but I know the Lord helps and makes men stronger and more able when he gives them a work to do.

#2  I had to buy girl deodorant. I ran out of mine and in the tienda there was boy deodorant, but it didn’t have any antiperspirant, so I bought some lady speed stick. It makes me smell all floral and nice ;)

Some thing I learned this week that was humbling. It was on Friday and we had this presentation thingy all day. One of the things they said was that "miracles are the natural result of correct principles applied in the right ways" so that means everything in life is a miracle. The fact that I can speak the language somewhat is a miracle. The fact that I have a testimony of the Church is a miracle, the fact that 18 year old boys can spread the Lords kingdom throughout the world is a miracle. Pretty much anything in the world is a miracle! Very humbling, because I have definitely not been grateful enough for the miracles in my life.

Another thing I have learned is that love is so important when teaching people. There have only been two teachers in my life that I have wanted to stay in contact with: Mrs. Cross my AP English teacher and Hermano Cruz, my afternoon teacher in the CCM. And the reason is, is because I know that they really loved and cared about what happened in my life. They have changed my life because they loved us enough to make their lessons something special. And I will never forget that lesson. Love everyone and you will change lives.

Another thing I learned is that it is important to help the missionaries in your area. And the way to help them is to allow them to teach lessons in your homes, go with them as a member to help fellowship and befriend the investigators, because if they have a friend they will be more likely to stay strong in the gospel. So help the missionaries any way you can. Befriend non-members in your ward so that they can have a good lead in to the truth of the restored Gospel. Allow the missionaries to use you in any way that will help the work, and it will change lives, families, and generations to come.

Love you all!
Elder Porter

Additional emails to me:
I had asked about his companion, because he hadn’t shared too much.  Here is his reply:
I love my companion! He is awesome! I have learned so much from him, he is such a diligent studier and he knows the scriptures really well! 
I asked how his emotions are right now:

I’m just excited to leave! But sad that I’m not going to the same place as Elder Burgon because he’s awesome.

My district as we all prepare to depart the CCM!

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