Monday, January 11, 2016

Por fin tenemos nieve

So we had a pretty darn good week this week.
But winter has come in full force. On Saturday it was like around 50 degrees, and then when we woke up on Sunday it was like 16 degrees with snow and ice everywhere!! 

Starting off the week we had interviews with President Cleveland. I love being able to talk to him, he is such a spiritual man! Then later that day we were able to meet with the Ayala family again and commit them to come to church! And they actually came yesterday!! Even though we did have terrible road conditions! 

So there is a cool story we had with some less actives. We went to visit them and they were kind of hesitant and not very participative. Then we just started talking about the basics and stuff, and he said that he should be doing better at living the gospel. So we committed him and his wife to read Alma 32 and to pray. So then we went back on Saturday and you could just feel the difference in their home. They had read and prayed, and they really understood the chapter we gave them. We had such a spirit led lesson, literally every word that came out of my or Elder Shepherd’s mouth was exactly what we were hoping would be said. It was SO awesome! And super uplifting! So we are trying to help them become fully converted!  

So I think this week we have found some gold mines for Hispanics. Hopefully we can use them to our full advantage. We found a trailer park that in 5 doors, 3 of them were Hispanics and turned into 3 lessons! Super fun talking to Hispanics! One family was super scared to answer the door. The husband was super hesitant and was like "who are you?!" He let us in and then he kind of was in a ball on the couch. It was weird cuz there was this weird tension in the room Then the husband, Milton, told us that they were scared of us because of all of the people who have been deported lately by immigration. So we told him that we weren’t at all affiliated with them, and then we had a lesson! So ya I guess immigration is cracking down and throwing people out of their houses.

Then Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Ebeling and we had some fun. Taught some cool people, there is tons of progress in his area right now! The district we are in is awesome!
While Elder Shepherd and Elder Gillman were in my area they met some cool people too who have tons of potential, so super stoked for that!

Then church yesterday was fun, because everyone kind of stayed home because of the weather, skeleton crew of leadership, I had to teach the youth Sunday school, and it was one of the most frustrating things ever! So props to all you Sunday school teachers!
Me and my awesome companion!

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