Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1st Email from Mexico City MTC

¡Hola everyone¡ This time I am just sending out a mass email because because everyone has the same questions. 

(Pardon my spelling and punctuation mistakes. The Spanish keyboards are weird)

I am doing really good! I cant believe that it is almost it has been a week! The time has flown! 

The day I got here was the biggest rain storm they have had in a long time and we got caught in it so a lot of my stuff got wet. But nothing was damages thankfully. Right now it is monsoon season so it is supposed to rain every day, but it hasnt yet. I really like the weather here, i think i could actually live in a place like Mexico, but maybe not Mexico City because it is so ghetto! The CCM is like the book Divergent. You cant access the outside world because it is dangerous. The CCM used to be a high school and my Branch President came here when he was a boy 40 years ago. 

I am living in a dorm right now and we had another companionship in the other room but today we got another companionship that are natives so that will be good for the Espanol. My companion is Elder Burgon from Orem. He looks kinda like Ron Weasly and people have started calling him Elder Weasley. He is a really cool guy and he works super hard. He also has one of the funniest laughs ever! The other compaionship is Elder Bichsel (bick-soul) and Elder Bleazard (blaaazaard) both from Utah. Elder Bichsel looks and acts exactly like Vector from Despicable Me. He is one of the strangest but most hilarious people ever. He has so many funny impersonations such as Obama, Jack Sparrow, Shaggy from scooby doo, etc.

There are 3 Elder companionship's in my district and 2 Hermana companionship's. They are all awesome! Hermana Bradshaw came from a polygamist background and left it when she was ten, and Hermana Temple looks like Nora off of Step Up. If you can´t tell I like finding out what people look like.

I am not really homesick at all right now, sorry if that bugs you. I think its because the food here is actually edible. I think I am going to gain some weight here. Its because I stop eating because I am bored, not because I am full. But here there are so many options every meal that I just eat and eat. There is always a peanut butter/nutella bar, and there is always cold cereal too. Its muy bien!

An interesting thing that I found is that the boogers here are a different color than back home. Bright green compared to our nasty green in Utah. Just thought I would share that juicy tidbit of info.

Learning Spanish is really hard. Especially because we don't have a set teacher till the end of this week. I am the only one who hasn't taken any Spanish whatsoever and it makes it really hard. Saturday was the hardest day because we did a lot with Spanish. I was a little down when we got back to our room. So i opened up one of those letters that you guys wrote to me. it helped so much! Thanks guys! But after that i got on my knees and said a prayer. Nothing really came to me that night. But Sunday morning i was sitting in bed reading in 2 Nefi 32 and verses 3-4 really helped me a lot. I know that heavenly father answers our prayers and gives us the comfort that we need in our times of hardship. then later in the chapter verses 8-9 were perfect for our investigator. Yep we already have an investigator and we have to do it all in espanol.

We taught our investigator for the first time on Friday and boy was it the worst lesson you have ever had. His name is David and has two kids and a wife. He really is going to be our teacher in a few weeks but we aren't supposed to know that. Not knowing your investigator is beforehand really makes it real. It is exactly like teaching a real investigator even though i know he is a member. but we have taught him 2 times since and my comprehension of all the Spanish words that he says has gone up tremendously! i cant believe how far i have come in this little time. but don't get me wrong, i still suck way bad. But back to the investigator....we have gotten him to read in Moroni 10, and he did it with his family, and we committed him to pray every day last time. we are alittle behind on the lessons because our first lesson was terrible. Buttomorrow we are teaching the plan of salvation.

I have run into some kids from Davis. Elder Brad Cox and Elder Jacob Merrill from seminary council, Elder Derek Madsen, Elder Shane Inman also. there are a few more from davis but i dont know their names.

My companion got a package from his mom yesterday. it took a week to get here. It was some nice sugar cookies that were rock solid, but we still tried to eat them. WORST COOKIES EVER!!!!! Tasted like 3 day old mac n cheese! it was the funniest thing of my life! i couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes.

Also real toilet paper is a thing of the past. Its that crappy stuff that all meetinghouses have. Boy am i glad I'm  going back to the states whenever i have to use the baño! ;)

I also realized that i forgot my tennis shoes, tried to buy some at the tienda, but they didn't have my size. So been playing soccer and handball all fancy like in church shoes! The lady said they might have some today which is good. its only like $450 to get them. In pesos of course. 

Hopefully my letter makes sense. I realized that writting makes my ADD go crazy!!

Love you all!!!


Elder Porter

P.S. you have to send each picture one at a time here at the CCM (might be different in the field) so there wont be a ton of pictures in my emails while i am in the CCM at least

P.P.S. I like seeing pictures of you guys. So feel free to send me them in your emails!

Elder Porter & Elder Burgon "Weasley"

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  1. Hey thanks for sharing his email.....love to hear about what he's up too! His letter sounds just like him. Glad he is doing so good. Look forward to hearing more �� Mel